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Website Design Packages

Below is some of the Standard Website Design Packages and prices that we have designed to help you get started. These packages include a free domain from Host Africa and we also provide you with free website maintenance and consultation for a period of 3 months. Choose a package below to get started.







Professional Website Design Solsmart Solar Solutions
Professional Website Design Soma Workshop
Professional Website Design E-commerce Website Package South Africa
Mean Clean Services
Professional Website Design Egoli Driving School
Avant Kitchens

Website Design Packages

These Website Packages are our e-commerce website designs. Here’s a list of our Premium Packages packed with performance, security and built-in marketing tools to automate all services your inventory and stock management.




  • 10 Products: Showcase your core offerings with a curated selection.
  • WooCommerce Setup: Install and configure WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress site.
  • Basic Design: Create a clean and professional website layout with your branding.
  • Product Pages: Design and optimize product pages with high-quality images, descriptions, and features.
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout: Integrate a secure and user-friendly shopping cart and checkout process.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Connect to a popular payment gateway to accept online payments.
  • Basic SEO: Optimize website title tags and meta descriptions for improved search engine visibility.


  • Get your online store up and running quickly and affordably.
  • Focus on essential features and avoid overwhelming your customers.
  • Easy to manage and maintain with a limited number of products.
  • Perfect for starting businesses or testing new product lines.

Short Description:

“Get your online store off the ground with our Basic Package. Showcase your top 10 products in a clean and professional website, and start accepting online payments securely. This package is perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses getting started with e-commerce.”




  • 25 Products: Expand your product range and cater to a wider audience.
  • All Basic Package Features: Includes everything from the Basic Package.
  • Advanced Design: Develop a more sophisticated website layout with custom branding elements.
  • Product Variations & Categories: Organize your products with variations (sizes, colors) and categories for easier navigation.
  • Inventory Management: Track product stock levels and receive low-stock notifications.
  • Discount & Coupon System: Implement promotions and attract customers with discounts and coupons.
  • Basic Analytics & Reporting: Monitor website traffic and sales performance with essential data.


  • Accommodate a larger product range and meet diverse customer needs.
  • Enhance your website’s visual appeal and brand identity.
  • Simplify product management and inventory control.
  • Boost sales with targeted promotions and discounts.
  • Gain insights into your website performance for data-driven decisions.

Short Description:

“Elevate your online store with the Pro Package. Expand your product range to 25 items, refine your website design, and unlock advanced features like inventory management and sales promotions. This package is ideal for growing businesses looking to take their e-commerce venture to the next level.”




  • 100 Store Products: Build a comprehensive online store with a vast product selection.
  • All Pro Package Features: Includes everything from the Pro Package.
  • Premium Design & Functionality: Implement a custom-designed website with advanced features and functionalities.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize your website for higher search engine ranking and organic traffic.
  • Email Marketing Integration: Connect your store to an email marketing platform for targeted customer engagement.
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting: Gain in-depth insights into your website traffic, customer behavior, and sales performance.
  • Dedicated Support: Receive personalized support and guidance from our e-commerce experts.


  • Establish a dominant online presence with a vast product catalog.
  • Attract more customers with a premium website design and advanced features.
  • Improve website visibility and organic traffic through SEO optimization.
  • Engage your customers effectively with email marketing campaigns.
  • Make data-driven decisions based on comprehensive analytics and reporting.
  • Enjoy dedicated support to ensure your e-commerce success.

Short Description:

“The Ultimate Package is for serious e-commerce players. Showcase up to 100 products on a custom-designed website with advanced features and functionalities. Take advantage of SEO optimization, email marketing integration, and comprehensive analytics to drive growth and success. This package is ideal for established businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs looking to dominate the online market.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our clients have written to us before which allows us to share some of the most asked questions to help you make a much more informed decision. 

A domain is the name that you would like to give your website. It should be unique and easy to understand for your customers. We provide you with a free domain when you choose a package and we will also help you manage it if you don’t have any technical skills or background.

We do not charge a monthly fee for the design and launch of your website as all website packages are a once-off payment. The only monthly fee you are liable to pay your monthly domain hosting fee. This is charged at a cost of R150 per month or R1000.00 Once-Off for a full year. 

As a group of creatives, we use a combination of tools and website builders to help us achieve the best results when it comes to web and graphic design. Our trusted design platforms and tools include WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva Pro and an array of SEO performance tools to improve rankings and export quality.

Absolutely! You can use analytical data from all your social media platforms to better understand your users and demographics. This information is very important because it provides you with real-time insights of how users are receiving your website and social media content.

We are an online digital marketing firm and we work with businesses and individuals from all over the world. We are based in South Africa and 80% of our client base is also from South Africa as well.

We do Logos, Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Menus, Banners, Advertisement, Social Media Posts, Video editing, Facebook Ads, Instagram, TikTok posts and Ad Content.

Let’s have a chat! Give us a call or contact us in writing, we will be more than happy to hear what your plans are and where will you be in the next few years to come. Chat to us via WhatsApp or choose a package from our webite.

We follow the best SEO practices on all website designs no matter the industry. based on the requirements that you might have there might be additional charges based on the keywords needed, performance goals and Search Engine Rank monitoring that a dedicated SEO expert might need to do.

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